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Facing a water damage crisis is one of the most challenging things to deal with, especially because water damages are unplanned. The overall effects of the damages caused by water can get restored using our techniques. 

Now let’s talk a little about water and some of the damages caused by water before giving you an overview of how we can help as a professional water damage company. 

Water is a universal solvent; hence it can seep into any place and damage whatever it comes in contact with. It means that no matter how little or seemingly insignificant the water may be, it is capable of causing damages if not attended to. 

The damages caused by water can be challenging and overwhelming, and most times, it cannot get avoided. If not properly checked and contained, as little as a spill or a continuous trickle can damage your properties. Water can damage 

  • Wooden materials and cause them to begin to rot, warp or twist.
  • It can damage the walls of your building and compromise the integrity of the walls, and before you know it, it all comes crashing down. 
  • Water can damage and affect your electronic appliances. 
  • It could compromise the wiring of your house, expose you to naked gas wiring or electric wiring, and be hazardous. 
  • It can affect and damage your belongings as well. Imagine coming home to see your documents and certificates all soaked with water or your personal effects just swimming along in the currents of dark and dirty water.  Not a pleasant sight! 

Water Damage Categories

Water comes in three categories, and these categories have their various components, composition, and the threat they pose to humans and their properties. 

First, we have the category 1 type of water damage: This type of water damage is usually considered less severe and less toxic water damage. The water involved is usually “clean water” with no form of underlying impurities and toxins. It doesn’t really have any side effects on humans, but it would obviously damage properties because, obviously, it’s water. This sort of damage can arise from broken pipes and sinks. 

Category 2 type of Water Damage: This type of water usually contains many impurities, which can be a bit toxic. The water involved is usually “Greywater.” They are, to some extent, unsanitary, so it’s important that if this sort of water comes in contact with us or our appliances and belongings, we have to disinfect them properly to avoid contracting and spreading germs. They arise from toilet facilities and sometimes sump pumps. 

Category 3 type of Water Damage: This is the most extreme kind of water damage that can happen to your facility, your home, or residential space. It is usually called “black water,” which contains a high and significant amount of impurities and toxins. When this sort of water affects your home or commercial space, thorough and immediate cleaning has to occur, followed by disinfecting to stop the rise of germs and transmission of diseases. These sorts of water arise from flood water, sewage, underground water, and rivers.

At Water Damage Scottsdale, we have all that you need to combat any water damage issues, so no matter what type of water is involved and the sort of water damage that ensues from it, we have you covered. Give us a call today let us help you solve your water damage issues.

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